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mini top hats, cocktail hats, occasion hats

An elegant selection of mini top hats to compliment your wedding hair style on your special day for brides, bridesmaids or prom. Glamorous cocktail hats and occasion hats which will compliment your wedding outfit for the modern or traditional bride. Perfect for all occasions for weddings or a day at the races.  If you want to get ahead get a hat.

I am inspired by vintage hats from the 1940’s and 1950’s and the Victorian and Edwardian era.  I began to design my own bijou mini top hats, cocktail hats, birdcage veils and fascinators.  They became very popular and have been featured in fashion and bridal magazines as well as publicity and fashion events across the world.

The Mini Top Hat

The mini top hat is such a versatile headpiece and is a popular choice for many.  They are can be worn at many differnt events and are popular with brides and wedding guests attending a wedding.  The mini top hat is also worn for many racing events and modelling and publicity events.  It will give you that extra wow factor for any occasion.  My mini top hats are fitted onto a headband/alice band so the hat sits at a jaunty angle on the head and also the hat is very secure and will stay on your head without falling off.  Below are a few of my most popular mini top hat designs.

Our mini top hats are bespoke and made to order.
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mini top hats, cocktail hats, occasion hats
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Mini top hat, wedding fascinator, vintage cocktail hat
mini top green, cocktail hat, wedding fascinator
Mini top hat, bridal fascinator, cocktail hat