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Crystal Bridal Hair Vines, Pearl Wedding Hair Vines

Stunning crystal bridal hair vines designed and handcrafted from the finest materials available such as crystal and pearls.  Gorgeously designed vintage style pearl wedding hair vines which will compliment your hairstyle.   Wearing one of these stunning bridal hair vine in an updo or entwined around your hair  is the perfect wedding hair accessory



Rose Gold


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Crystal Bridal Hair Vines, Pearl Wedding Hair Vines
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Crystal bridal headband, bridal hair vine, flower headpiece
Bridal Hair vine made with flowers, crystals and pearls
Starlet crystal & pearl bridal hair vine
Sophia crystal bridal hair vine, pearl wedding hair vine
crystal bridal hair vine with pearls, crystal wedding hair vine
Anna Bridal Hair Vine, Flower Wedding Hair Vines, Headpiece
Crystal Pearl Bridal Hair Vine, Vintage Hair Wire, Wedding Accessory
Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Bridal Hair Vine, Vintage Hair Wire, Wedding Hair Vine
Pearl and CZ crystal Bridal Hair Vine, Pearl Bridal Hairvine
Arabella Rose Gold Bridal Hair Vine with Pearls, Crystal
Blush Pink Bridal Hair Vine with pearls, crystals
blush pink wedding hair vine, blush pink hair accessories
crystal bridal hair vine, wedding headpiece
Leanna crystal bridal hair vine
Sophia crystal, pearl bridal hair vine
vintage bridal hair vine with crystals, pearls
vintage crystal wedding hair vine
Vintage Style Pearl Bridal Hair Vine with Crystals